Women in the U.S. don’t have equal rights.
We’ll change that.

Congratulations, America! On January 27th, 2020
the thirty-eighth state ratified the Equal Rights Amendment!

But now the administration is blocking ERA
from being added to the U.S. Constitution.

It’s Mayday for the ERA. On Wednesday May 5th Equal Means Equal, et. al v. David Ferriero will be in the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Massachusetts presenting oral arguments.

The other ERA case, filed in DC Federal Court, was just dismissed, as you know. This leaves our case as the only one standing that is still fighting for the ERA, as ratified on January 27th of 2020, when Virginia became the 38th state required to complete ratification.

If our case is dismissed too that will be the end of the road for the original Equal Rights Amendment. Ninety-seven+ years of mobilizing, organizing and ratifying will come down to the decision of one judge in Massachusetts.

But it didn’t have to be that way. And maybe, just maybe, it still doesn’t.

EME is a non-partisan organization. We see equal rights as a civil and human rights issue and endorse no political parties; but it pains us to have to say that, so far, we are very concerned about the true commitment of the Biden/Harris administration to women’s equality and the ERA.


Organize a Community Screening

Join the dozens of women’s organizations and thousands of women using the EQUAL MEANS EQUAL documentary film to reinvigorate the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment!

Host a screening in your neighborhood and help get the conversation going about the importance of the ERA. Click the button below to organize a screening in your community.

A little herstory

In 1776, our nation declared that all men are created equal and are endowed with inalienable rights, leaving women to fight for equal treatment under the law. This has been at the foundation of over 240 years of discriminatory attitudes and treatment of half the country’s population.

It’s time the Constitution acknowledged women’s rights as citizens of this country. The Equal Rights Amendment will set a precedent that guarantees equality, justice, and respect for all people under the law. Only when Equal Means Equal can we all meet our true potential.

Learn more — get a herstory lesson here.

The Time is NOW for Equality for All Americans